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Kickstarter Now Live!

Our Kickstarter is Now Live!

We have 5 Pledge levels. The first of which is the $1 pick and Mix, simply pick this one and add your addons, either now or later in the pledge manager.

The next 3 are Different Core sets!

First up is the ‘Narrative core set’, which contains the key Players from the Poem, essential for retelling the story of Beowulf on the tabletop, with Grendel, and Hrothgar to name a few.

The next one is our ‘wargaming core set’, which is a Geat Starter force in a discounted bundle, designed for you to then add on extra units as add-ons to flesh out your army. It comes with 38 figures, 4 of which are command figures including King Hygelac and Beowulf

Then our combined core set, which includes both The Geat Starter Army, as well as the characters from the Narrative Bundle, which will also allow you to run a Danish army with Hrothgar and Unferth in place of Hygelac and Beowulf!

Our Final Tier is the Complete Tale of Beowulf. It will save around $60 compared to all the Kits individually. It contains both core sets and all the Wave 1 stretch goals, including 11 Named Characters and the 3 monsters, and all the wargaming figures for a total of 81 models!

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