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Redeeming Files

Tribes Instructions

Once you Sign up to tribes, the files are added instantly to your Library Under the Tribes Folder. to Locate this head to the Top right off your page, click on your profile and then click on Library

If you are Migrating From Patreon Follow the Email Link and select the Same Tier, if the Free Month Dosnt work and you are Charged, note it will ask for your payment details anyway, but shouldnt charge for the first month, Email with your patreon Email and Tribes email and Payments, i will Refund Patreon or Alternativly give you a month you missed, whichever you choose


Patreon Instructions

Once you Sign up to Patreon, Within 24 Hours i will see you have Joined and added your email to the list off emails the objects are shared from*, this is a manual Process. to Locate the Files head to the Top right off your page, click on your profile and then click on Library

Note* if your MMF account and patreon dont share the same email address, the files wont go to your account rarther a different account, its importent they are the same


The Files for each month are in the Drop down Menu, the welcome pack functions Differently From Patreon being under 1 object, it contains the same files as Patreon

the Files from Each month are in seperate folders under the Patreon Models Drop Down Menu, the Welcomepack is in there too.

if you are missing any files, email include a screenshot off the folder off what you do have, your patreon email and i will hunt down whatever you are missing. 9 times out off 10 its a simple issue to do with the email, such as using @gmail or @googlemail and is resolved instantly

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