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Redeeming Files

Tribes Instructions

Once you sign up to tribes, the files are added instantly to your library under the Tribes Folder. To locate this, head to the top right corner of your page, click your profile icon and then click on "Library."

If you are migrating from Patreon, follow the Email link and select the same Tier. If the free month doesn't work and you are charged - *Please note it will ask for your payment details but shouldn't charge for the first month* - Email:

With your Patreon Email and Tribes Email, include a screenshot of the payments and we will refund the Patreon Subscription. Alternatively, we could give you a free a previous months release free of charge.


Patreon Instructions

Once you subscribe to Patreon, we will add you to the User Group within 24hrs. To locate the files, head over to the top right corner of your page, click on your profile icon and then click on "Library".

*Please note this is a manual process so it may take a little longer than the alternative Tribes subscription, as that is an automatic system. 

If your MMF and Patreon Accounts don't share the same Email address, the files may get lost as we copy over each one as they come through.*

mmf 2.png

The files for each month are in the drop down Menu.

You'll also be added to the Welcome Pack, that is a separate Object containing a variety of files. 

The files from each month are in separate folders, under the Patreon Models drop down Menu.

You'll find the Welcome Pack there too.

If you are missing any files, email:

Include a screenshot of the folder so we can see what you do have, your Patreon email and we'll sort out what you're missing! Most of the time it's a simple fix

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