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January Fantasy Release!

Here is the Preview for the January fantasy release, this is a Part 1 of 2 for this theme*, the Files for these will be available to download within in the next day, along with the metal casts will also go up for release

This month there are 4 kits of 4 ghostly gauls, these warriors are all very similar so i'll talk about them in 1 go rather than unit by unit, but nonetheless the kits are

4 x ghostly gauls with spears

4 x ghostly gauls with spear and shield

4 x ghostly gauls with sword and shield

4 x ghostly gauls with axe and shield

 the Warriors with hand weapons are all modelled onto to the figure like usual, but one difference between these and other releases, is both the prints and casts have separate modelled spears, the reason for the separate spears has always been for ease of printing, so the spears don't snap, but in these guys case, its because they are a little more stylised, it was worth doing modelled spears not wire,

The Plan for February are new Ranger models, these have been requested by many people for a few months, so im ticking those off, like with the february fantasy, youll hopefully see the first glimpses of these before Cancon because i hope to bring them there!

*I'll return to this theme in March, coming back with Cavalry, archers, and then leaders such as banner musician, and some other undead characters

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