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June Historical Release!

This is the First Month starting our 100YW Models for The Patreon/MMF and Monthly Metal figures! We kick off starting with the English, but its worth noting these models for the most part will work in more periods then just 100yw, and in more factions then english, and as such the naming convention on the kits will remain generic

So the first 2 kits to show off are 2 packs of knights, 1 set with Basinets, 1 with modular great helms, all 4 knights are equipped with hand weapon and shield, 1 which is already attached, the Great helmets are modular because the neck joint is hidden, this will be the standard going forward for knights with great helms, these knights are very much intended to be early 100YW, with the Shorter Surcoats and more plate then other knights we have done before,

The next kit is a pack of 4 Infantry with bills, these guys are fairly unarmoured compared to some of the infantry coming down the line, they all have empty hands for you to use a 1mm wire spear with a printed bill head, or a fully printed bill,

The last kit is 4 English longbowmen, originally this month i had planned to do release 8 archers to complete the unit, but ive opted to save the remaining 4 unarmoured archers till next month so that people could get started with infantry as well, all the archers are single piece miniatures with the exception of the arrows in the ground on 1,

Next month we will release 2 English Characters F/M, 4 more infantry and 4 more archers, i have a Roadmap i hope to polish later this week which will cover through to the end of the year,

As per usual the files for these figures will be available to download from the 5th, the Metal figures will be up around the same time once photography is done

Ill be back tomorrow with the Fantasy Release breakdown

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