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June Fantasy Release!

Hey guys the Fantasy Preveiw for June is finished! this is the 3rd month of the Southron Releases focusing on cavalry this time, and 1 extra kit for a different faction, these models will be available to download in a few hours time!

the first kit to talk about this month is the Arnadudin Veterens, these 4 models are designed to include amongst your existing figures to add variety and character with there cloaks, bags and pack, we have done a variety of different armour sets for this faction going back to 2021, and in these figures ive included a elements from a bunch of them, they are modelled with empty hands like usual to use printed or wire spears, the shields are modelled on

before i go onto the southrons, i should first mention there are 4 New horse poses this month, i almost just did the usual galloping horse poses with different gear, but at the last minute took some time to make some cantering horses, these 4 obviously have the apparel of the faction, but the basic horse will find its way into a generic Horse kit soon enough so they will be useful for other factions aswell, some cantering horses were sorely needed because the options recently have been galloping or walking,

so onto the 3 Cavalry kits, these models are all designed with the infantry we have done prior in mind as dismounts, as sucht they feature the same armour designs, helmets and so on, with the exception of the sword and board cav, dismounts for them will be coming soon, so the 3 kits are, Southron Cav with Sword and Shield, southron Cav with Spear, and then Horse archers, additionally there are 6 Shield Designs, and the Quivers for the Horse archers are detached, this was primarily to make the supports simpler, they simply plug into the rider, the spears like normal are seperate, and the riders have empty hands

for July's Releases will be 4 Camel Riders! and 4 dedicated Dismounts, aswell as 4 more elite Cavalry, and there Dedicated dismounts, after that i plan to round out the faction with a bunch of characters in august, and whatever other peices you guys would like,

the Metal Figures for the Southrons will be ready early next week, they are taking longer to produce because they need new Horses, the Veterans are already available

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