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May Tribes/Patreon Release!

hey guys, here is the combined Preview for the May Releases, this is the 2nd month of southrons, and the final month of carolingians! like usual these figures will be ready to download on the 5th of the month which is this sunday, the physical figures will be available shortly after and will get a dedicated post with them and other kits that are ready

so starting with the Carolingians, this month we have 6 Skirmishers on foot and 6 more mounted with javelins, these guys are provided with empty hands to hold javalins in each hand, and optional shields to go over the left hand, as i alluded to before, this will wrap up the Carolingian range finishing on 60 unique Sculpts!

for fantasy this is the 2nd month of Southrons, after last month one of the biggest requests as 4 more archers with no helmets or armour, so ive gone and done 4 more in a similar style, additionally ive done a captain/champion foot and mounted to lead the spearman/archers, he is depicted with both spear/bow and as usual has empty hands for a separate spear,

next up I've done 6 Assassins, 4 with Daggors 2 with bows, 2 of which are pictured in the render, and lastly for the last kit for another faction is 4 Arnaduin Knights, these are a multipart kit and will be previewed in the specific fantasy Post coming in the next few days, they are an evolution of the style of the previous warriors, but still consistent,

keep an eye out in the next few days for the specific posts for Fantasy and Historicals, and then next week hopefully Wednesday-ish for the post for metal listings for these kits,

next months releases for historicals will be diving into the new Medieval range, starting with early 100YW, some of these have been previewed as I've been working on this range for a few months now so i have a lot of content in the bag ready in advance,

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