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September Fantasy Release

A couple days late but here it is, the fantasy september preview, the files are all live for Tribes, and patreon will be up once ive finished writing this. Apologies we have been sick, and or busy then getting sick for the last week so this took a few days longer then the usual.

In other news, were starting our move on thursday, a proper set up for our casting, and very soon printed sets, thats going to take a a couple of weeks before its finished, aswell the kickstarter has concluded, ill have a post up after this one talking about that.

So onto this months releases! So first up is 4 Commanders for the SR dwarves, one of which is the long requested dwarf with raven, which we have 2 of this month 1 in each style, then a banner and hornblower, the banner is designed to use a 1mm-1.2mm rod and will slide up the flag and into the dwarfs hand for rigidity, you can ofcourse just print the full banner and slide it into the hand but i wouldnt recommend that, aswell with this set we have a hornblower, and ranger captain,

The next command set has 5 figures, a bunch of characters to lead the warriors from july, so 3 cloaked captains with different gear good, then a hornblower, and dwarf with a raven and crossbow, and some travel gear, these are intended for either smaller skirmish games were personality matters, or as leaders.

Lastly there are 4 Dwarven Markhor riders, 3 of these have 2 handed spear poses inspired by byzantine cataphracts, were the prior ones these were based on had couched lances, which didnt really gell with the eastern vibes, these are also done in the new style, to accompany these, there are 2 new spearmen with no shield option holding the spear in 2 hands that match the riders as dismounts. The riders are separate to the goats so you can get some variety, however with the horns, there is a pose that wont work with a goat just based on the various positions the horns are in.

Next month we are returning to torgorod with more infantry and characters,

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