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October Fantasy Release!

The first Preview for October is here! The Historicals will be up Shortly, this month finishing the torgorod releases from August, with some long awaited Elf Models.

We have been pretty radio silent this month because we have Moved into a Unit both for manufacturing and Office which has only just got WIFI. that has just taken so much time, it's pretty much done so next month should return to normal.

So first up we have 4 Torgorod warriors with spears, these guys have the same modular heads as you've seen previously, and will have the same shield options as the other kits, but new for these models are some lithuanian themed shields, which fits the eastern european vibes this faction fits into, lastly the spears for these guys are separate to allow for wire spears or printed spears

Next up are 3 Sappers/siege crew, perfect for dioramas, or siege Equipment such as the trebuchet and balista in the welcome pack, or something more tailored for the game your playing them in, the model with arms crossed from august would also sit well with these figures,

The last torgorod kit we have are 5 commanders, 2 captains 1 with sword 1 with bow, a banner bearer, and 2 horn blowers, these guys fit right in with the 12 Warriors and good for Named NPC’s in a Roleplaying game aswell

Lastly are some elven Pikemen, the first drafts of these are 18months old and have been the most requested models since then, there hands are empty to allow for printed spears/banners or wire spears

The last 4 months were alternating Dwarves/torgorod, and i think that pace worked well, so for november and december i was thinking of doing the same thing, was going to do some eastern models next, then after that thought of a few things, pirates for instance would be fun! But open to ideas.

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