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November Fantasy Release!

Here is the preview for the November fantasy release. This wasn't the plan for this month, but Enough people pointed it out it was orctober! And that ends with Halloween, so this month we have 14 Orcs and some Undead Elves.

So the first 2 Kits we have are Orc Rabble, 4 with Spear and shield, these guys have hollow Hands for brass or printed Spears, and mostly attached Shields, additionally there are 4 more poses with 2 handed Axes, these are in the sale

The last plain orc is a Banner bearer, this figure can be a simple spear and shield warrior, but has a Banner which is hollow for a Brass rod for strength

The next 5 Orcs have a roman tilt, 1 Centurion type and 4 legionnaires modelled on Hastati/Dacian War romans, they are in the Style of the Orc crossbowmen and armoured Scouts, and come with 4 scutums

The last 2 Kits are undead elves for halloween, these are modelled of the Gwyrdgalas elves, the same as the pikemen from last month.

The Files for these figures will be Available over the weekend, by the 5th as per Usual. Next month is the December release, i would like to finally get to the pirates and eastern figures, but it is Christmas Season, so open to some christmas ideas!

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