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January Historical Release!

Here is the Full Preveiw of the January Historical Release, these Figures will be released as STL’s on Tribes/Patreon this friday, and the Metal casts will also be live from friday, they were Moulded a week ago so are ready to go!

So the first kit is the mounted equivalents of the carolingian hearthguard on foot from last month, done in the exact same visual style to be a cohesive unit, they come with Empty hands for use with wire spears or printed spears,

The 2nd kit is 4 mounted carolingian warriors with spears, again these are mounted equivalents of the warriors from december, new in January are 3 new Plain shields, they are simple round dark ages shields, which will help breakup the more unique shields from last month, there are a total of 9 Shields now,

The 3rd kit is mounted carolingian warriors with hand weapons, 2 with Axes and 2 with scramasax the long Knife the food warriors were mostly carrying from December, these figures come with attached weapons

Not pictured in these renders, because the Renders were started before the Horses were exported, but there are now 8 Horse poses, and they will get Shown off in a separate post covering the 2024 Welcome pack

For the February Release were doing 8 Archers on Foot and 4 Mounted archers, i'm Hoping to have these figures ready for Cancon at the end of january, after these, it's time for characters/standard bearers so you can start rounding out your armies and playing them on the table,

Ill be back tomorrow with the Fantasy release previews

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