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7 Days left on the Kickstarter!

Hey guys! quick update on the KS production and stretch goals. So a few days ago we crossed over the Final SG the Dragon. this is a preview of the dragon components. this is being produced by Aetherworks in Sydney, the same company doing the plastic Horses with siocast. the dragon fits well on a 120mm x 92mm black base which will be supplied.

Dragon Split

one of the other stretch goals was 6 more unarmoured spearman. these 6 will be helmetless, the original plan was to sub these guys into the duplicates in the core set, however, I will make that optional because some people might be attached to the helmeted versions

Unarmoured Spearman Wip

quick chat on Production, each monday brett is in Doing casting. this was our mondays turnout, atleast KS-related minis. in here are all the characters, archers, skirmishers, and cav.

we are moving in 2 weeks. so there will be a little down time during september, hopefully just a few days but we might need a electrician to come in and fit out the place for the casting gear. but im expecting we will be way way ahead of the January fulfillment date. so we will be ready with miniatures within 2 months. the cav are almost done molding, the dragon will start next week. im optimistic we will be shipping around November. but on the other hand, everyone is expecting January so we will "take our time" and not rush.

lastly, in the pledge manager, which is 2 weeks after the KS ends. which is where we will confirm what style of bases you'd like, what addons you want, and all of that, ive decided ill put the Fantasy Kits we have as add-ons. a few people have messaged me about getting some dwarves put in the same parcel to save on shipping, so just letting you know that will be a thing.

speaking of shipping, if you're in Sydney/NSW. some of you I know personally. ping me a msg if you know we're going to see each other at a tournament or something and I can deliver it personally to save you the 10 bucks shipping.

Monday's casting


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