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October Historical Release!

the October Historical Release begins to wrap up the Vendel era range, with only 1 month to go after this. more on that later, but for now! here are a whole bunch of characters!

before the characters, there are 4 Huscarls with spear and shield, these guys are in the same style as the existing huscarls but with alternate gear, they will be great to accompany the named characters also in this release

so the List of characters includes, Beowulf, with 2 build options* hrothgar and unferth, Wulfgar & Æschere, heardred, and Lastly wiglaf, these characters are all present in the Beowulf poem, there appearances are all my interpretation, but are inferred based on references in the text.

All these characters will be suitable for fantasy or historical gaming, and can be used as any character you like,

Lastly the banner bearer, the banner is a separate component and his hand is empty to allow a wire rod to hold it up which is much more durable,

Next month will be the final vendel era Month for now, this has been my favourite range of fingers, certainly the one im most proud off, and theres more i want to do with it but i need a break from it so it dosnt just get repetitive,

All off the figures for october will be released on the 6th.

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