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November Historical Release!

The November Release previews are both ready today! The STL’s will be available for download this Monday Evening Aussie time. And the Metal kits for each release will be up on the webstore the same time.

So this months historical release continues on the Vendel Period with 4 new kits, Horsa foot and mounted, this is the brother to previously released Hengst, 8 Jutish Hearthguard, and Grendel and Grendels mother.

So Starting of with Horsa, Horsa was the younger Brother of Hengst, the 2 Most likely mythical germanic/Jutish warriors made there way over to Britain in the 5th century, hengst becoming a king of Kent, not before Horsa being killed that is. The Model for Horsa foot and mounted has a empty hand for you to add a brass spear, and has a unique Horse shield consistent with the other vendel era Shields.

The next 2 kits really need to be Spoken about together, which are the 8 Jutish hearthguard, these 2 kits of 4 figures are Sculpted with matching foot and mounted models and in the style of Horsa with the Lammeller armour. They will work great as variety in amongst the rest of the Vendel era figures as warriors or huscarls.

Additionally whats possible with these figures is that they can be used in Small Skirmish/BC or RPG style games were the individual figure is Important because you are able swap a matching Mounted figure in.

The last 2 Figures are grendel and grendels mother. They are based of the Art from J. R. Skelton a English artist. These are some of the last sculpts from the Kickstarter to be released as STL’s the last of which are the dragon/old Beowulf.

The fantasy Release for this month will be previewed this arvo, it consists of 14 orcs for a late orctober! And 2 Undead Elves for halloween.

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