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Merchant Printers

We now have around 35 Merchant Printers around the world to buy our models locally! 

United States/Canada:

Mcdougall design:

A US Based 3Dprinting store as well as Retailer of Wargames Atlantic, Fireforge and Mantic plastics

MTM Printworks (Langley, Canada):


A BC based 3D Printshop specializing in miniatures and terrain for
tabletop wargames, that also takes on commissions and custom orders!
We also host events and have gaming tables to book at our Langley

Sleepy Hollow Miniatures

A US based, licensed 3D printing service. 

Garrisonminiaturesusa (US eBay)  and Terrainstore (U.K. eBay )

Active as a U.K. supplier of  wargames stuff since 1990. We mostly sell on eBay but are developing our website and looking at other sales channels. We try not to charge for postage and keep prices as low as possible. 

Day of Battle Games & POD (Hampton Falls NH/USA):

We produce wargames rules and POD miniatures.

Vegas 3D Printing (Las Vegas, NV):

Shieldwall Gaming Club (Cleveland, OH USA)

EBAY:  legionsforward 

Small gaming shop specializing in wargame Miniatures and supplies.

Nate's Hobbies (Oregon/US):

Nate's Hobbies - N&L Sales LLC | eBay Stores

Just a small business I run out of my garage.  Providing 3D printing, vinyl printing and laser etching.  If a model does not appear in my store, just send me a message via Etsy/Ebay and I am sure I will be able to print it. 

United Kingdom

Forgemaster Miniatures

Wonky Head

We are a 3d printing service available in the UK. We post to anywhere in the world. We specialise in tabletop gaming terrain and miniatures.

Bristol Independent Gaming (Bristol UK):

It all started in 2014 when we began a journey into the unknown, we decided to move from Plymouth and head to Bristol to begin a new adventure together

Our mission was to create an inviting, comfortable and enjoyable experience for tabletop gamers in Bristol.


Akraminiatures (Spain):

The Bits Smith (Austria): 

An Austrian based printing service. We also do commission modelling.

Picchiofanatico (40050 Monterenzio, BO Italy):

Here I am! Mattia's my name, a 28 mm scale world enthusiast (and not only); I like to create models, playing wargame and reading about military history, and usually work with other enthusiasts as me, cooperating to bring life to our projects! 3D prints and 3D sculpting are fundamental parts of my working activity, from both artistical and mechanical point of views;
models and model making in general are the central part of my business.

3D Monkey (Poland):\


Full Satisfaction From Order to Printing! Best 3D printing studio in Poland!




3D Printed Miniatures Made in Germany! Fast & cheap shipping, perfect quality and free minis with every order

Wenklo Miniatures (Gothenburg Sweden):


Hobbyist printer with small scale selling of prints mainly from Medbury Miniatures and Khurzluk Miniatures located in Gothenburg Sweden. Discord is in Swedish but feel free to write to me in English if you have any questions.

Germania Figuren (Germany – 47269 Duisburg – Am Rahmer Bach 62D):


Founded 2004 offer Germania a wide range of historical figures in different time periods and scales

TomHobby (Germany):

Liberto Studio (Andalucía / Spain):

Painting studio and 3d printing of miniatures.

Eboraminiatures (Spain):

Akraminiatures (Alicante Spain): (

Online Shop for Miniatures and Role Playing Games
In our store you will find miniatures of almost all types for the most popular board games.
Such as ; Fantasy, Ninth Age, Reforged, Spanish Reconquest, Saga, Crusades, Empire, Frostgrave, Bolt Action, Sci-fi, 40k, LOTR, RPG, Japanese RPG, Zombicide ...

Les impressions 3D d'Archi (France):

3D printing service specialized in miniatures and strategic battle games.

If you are interested in being one of our Licensed Printers, send us an email on the "Contact us" Page!

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