Merchant Printers

We have 16 Merchent Printers Arround the world to buy our models locally, Some of Which are Listed Below, 

United States/Canada

Mcdougall design

A US Based 3Dprinting store aswell as Retailer off Wargames Atlantic, Fireforge and Mantic plastics

MTM Printworks


A Vancouver Canada based printing service primarily geared for gamers. We are Licensed to sell the Medbury Miniatures range, we have a large catalog of terrain that can be special ordered and are always open for commissions!

Sleepy Hollow Miniatures

A US based licensed 3D printing service. 

United Kingdom

Wonky Head

We are a 3d printing service available in the UK. We post to anywhere in the world. We specialise in tabletop gaming terrain and miniatures.



The Bits Smith 


An Austrian based printing service. We also do commission modelling.

Italian licensed Medbury Miniatures printer, we offer a huge variety on 28 mm scale modeling but not only; terrains, bits and so on!

3D Monkey\

Poland Based Professional 3D Printing Service. We offer a variety of miniatures, busts, commision prints and many more! Quality is our main priority!


Paschspiele 3D Printed Miniatures Made in Germany! Fast & cheap shipping, perfect quality and free minis with every order


Forgemaster Miniatures

if your interested in being a Liscened Printer Send us a Msg on the Contact us Page