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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you ship Overseas? - yes, however we would recommend checking out the Merchant printer list, and finding a store closer to you to save on shipping costs and time.

  • Do you take commissions? - We would love to, but as a general rule we don't, we simply don't have the time to fulfil them currently, don't hesitate to ask or suggest things though.

  • What are your miniatures made from? - The Models are printed on a 8k Machine with a pixel resolution of 22µm at a layer height off 20µm. The Resin being used is a blend of Sirya Tech ABS Like/Tenacious 4:1 this blend which is comparable to hard plastic minis​. Every listing has a photo of the raw prints exactly as you will receive them as well as their digital renders.

Handling 3D Prints

The models we offer on our Store are cast in Lead-Free Pewter. All our Models Are Washed and Fully Cured, and cleaned Prior to shipping. when the models Arrive there is no need to wash the models, however you should inspect the models for support marks, if you havent handled prints think off this like cleaning the flash off a traditionally cast model. this can be done by scraping or cutting gently with a scalpel, or a tiny file. if you use a file or sand paper it is recomended to Wear a mask and keep the surface wet.

3D printed Resin as with every resin is liable to break if not used Carefully, if you havent handled Printed resin before or even if you have, different resins handle differently. printed resin is stiffer then cast resin but dosnt flex as far before breaking

Digetal Purchases + Patreon

Our Models are hosted on MMF

models Purchased on MMF will remain in your Library forever, and are for personal 

patreon subscribers will recieve the models from that month via the use of MMF usergroups, where your MMF account with the same email as your Patreon Account will have the Products Added to your library

this is done manually, and will be done within 1 day, due to timezones, in a case were you havent received the models, please email us provide your email that you use for Patreon if its different, and some info and we will check to see if it was missed or alternatly use a different email on request

If you Had Bought something from us on any other platform in the past, contact us with the email confirmation from that purchase and we will add the product to your MMF Library

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