Frequently Asked Questions

  • do you ship Overseas? - yes, however we would recomend checking out the merchent printer list, and finding a store closer to you to save on shipping costs and time

  • if i bought one of your digetal kits on another site do i need to buy it again? - no, never going to have to buy the same digital kit twice, contact us with the email confirmation, and we will add it to your library on MMF,

  • do i need to buy the digital kit again if you update it? - like above, no, when we add new content to a old kit, or update sculpts, they will be in your library, we will update the listings not make a new one, unless it is ofcourse a new kit

  • do you take commisions? - we would love too, but as a general rule we dont, we simply dont have the time to forfill them currently, dont hesitate to ask or suggest things though, 

  • what are you miniatures made from? - our models on our Store are 3D printed, cleaned by hand and cured, some kits are going to be cast in resin tradionally, but Printed unless stated otherwise


Physical Orders

The models We offer on our Store are 3D Printed Unless Stated otherwise, All our Models Are Washed and Fully Cured, and cleaned Prior to shipping, some products we keep a stock off, others are Made to Order, but will be Dispatched within a Few days,

3D printed Resin as with every resin is liable to break if not used Carefully, Printed resin is however More flexible then some resin alternatives

All the Kits are packed in Blister packs unless stated otherwise or we have discussed another form of packing, this mitigates damage, 

Before your Order is Shipped, we will Email you Photos off the Models and the packaging prior to Shipping to ensure theres no miscommunication and everything is satisfactory, and Inline with Australian Consumer rights, if your product is damaged we will replace/refund, 

Our Shipping is Tracked and that Number will be Emailed to you 

Digetal Purchases + Patreon

Our Models are hosted on MMF

models Purchased on MMF will remain in your Library forever, and are for personal 

patreon subscribers will recieve the models from that month via the use of MMF usergroups, where your MMF account with the same email as your Patreon Account will have the Products Added to your library

this is done manually, and will be done within 1 day, due to timezones, in a case were you havent received the models, please email us provide your email that you use for Patreon if its different, and some info and we will check to see if it was missed or alternatly use a different email on request

If you Had Bought something from us on any other platform in the past, contact us with the email confirmation from that purchase and we will add the product to your MMF Library