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Merchant Printers T/C

Below is a List Off T/C you Are required to Follow to Sell Prints off My models. none off these are anything out off the ordinary, i like to be as hands off as possible


By Joining the Tribes or Patreon you are Agreeing to these.

1. No modifcation off Sculpts without prior consent. kit bashing is ok for instance offering alternate Shields of Mine in a Different kit or head Swapping. but no Digetal Conversion or Resculpting without my consent.

2. you are Free to use My Images and Your own, not to copy another Stores Images so when a Store Prints the Models for Display they are not My images and you can not use them.

3. while subbed to the Patreon/Tribes the Breakdown off costs is a Portion pays for the Sculpts, the 2nd part is Essentially the Lisence Fee, which is a flat rate no matter how many sales you make or files you have.

4. you Are intitled to the Files from the Month you have Subbed too that are included in the Regular Patreon/Tribes Release. this means any Additional Kits i Produce Specifically for the Store you are required to Purchase seperatly should you want to sell them. you can ofcourse choose not too as many may not to be your taste,

5. if you would like to stop selling my Models, Simply Remove the Models from your Store and unsub from MMF or Patreon.

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