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Tribes & Patreon

Tribes and Patreon consist of the same content, although Tribes offers instant rewards and its all on the same platform.


Our Tribes & Patreon has 3 Tiers, the larger Fantasy Tier, Smaller Historical Tier and a combined Fantasy/Historical Tier.

The fantasy tier ($15.00aud) is decided by the Patreons a few months in advance via our FB group. Each month we have around 16-18 unique Sculpts focused around a Faction. The general themes we stick to are Low Fantasy, with 1 foot in reality for some realism. Have a look below to see what months we have done and are doing!


The Patreon Files are Digital releases. Old packs can be purchased either indiviually on MyminiFactory or in packs. 

The Historical Tier is ($10.00aud), contains up to 14 models, usually in sets of 4 variants and some extras.

If your interested in both, the Combined tier is $20(aud) a month.

In addition to the models from the respective Tiers, included is a Welcome Pack with lots of generic goodies and some extra Characters, as well as 50% off the the MMF Store.

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